I Think I Might Be Pregnant

“I am feeling a little queasy.” “My period is late” “My breasts seem a bit tender” “I have to urinate frequently” “I have the craziest mood swings” “I have been so tired, I just want to sleep” Some pregnant women … Continue reading

What Are My Options?

Making important decisions is hard. You need to know your options. If you decide to continue your pregnancy, you have to consider… OPTION #1- Parenting Whether parenting as a single mom or with the father of you baby. Care Net … Continue reading

For Guys

My Girlfriend Is Pregnant – Now What? This wasn’t part of the plan…. we were so careful. If she is pregnant, this changes everything. You like her, but are you ready for this? What choices, if any, do you have? … Continue reading



Care Net Pregnancy Center of Schuylkill County
A Network for Changing Hearts and Saving Lives

Care Net of Schuylkill County serving our communities in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania for more than
13 years, provides services such as pregnancy testing, peer counseling, and education. Our client services
empower women in a crisis pregnancy to make an informed choice, regardless of age, race, religion, marital
status or decision regarding pregnancy outcome. All services are free and confidential.

Our mission is to offer a safe place for women and their families to explore their options related to pregnancy
and their future. We fulfill this mission by being a trustworthy, compassionate, faith-based provider of confidential,
loving support.


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